Ivey Takes “durrrr” For $900k

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Phil Ivey joined Judi Online the likes of Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Tom “durrrr” Dwan as the only players to ever accumulate a stack of over $1 million dollars on Tuesday evening.

This was the first time, as far as I know, that a million dollar stack was won in a heads-up game.

Dwan and Ivey battled for hours on “Ivey Thunderdome”, which is one of the $500/$1000 Heads-Up Pot Limit Omaha tables on Full Tilt Poker.

Ivey dominated from start to finish, and when all was said and done, possessed a stack of just over a million dollars. Dwan left the table after the final hand, which was a $173k pot that pushed Ivey over the million dollar mark for the first time.

Prior to the hand starting, Dwan had a stack of $86k, while Ivey had around $918k.

The two players got into a raising war pre-flop, and were soon all-in.

Dwan showed 3-Q-A-J double-suited, while Ivey showed 6-2-A-A with three spades.

Unfortunately for Dwan, the flop was all spades (9-3-8), and he was drawing completely dead in the hand. The turn was the Queen of spades, while the river was the Jack of clubs.

There were a number of big hands during the match (obviously), with Ivey winning the two biggest.

In the biggest pot of the day ($336k), the two players got into a pre-flop raising war. There was already $162k in the pot when the flop came 10-K-8 rainbow.

Ivey led out with a bet and Dwan quickly called, putting himself all-in.

Ivey showed A-2-2-A for an overpair, while Dwan showed 10-8-J-Q for two pair and an open-ended straight draw.

The turn brought the King of diamonds, which forfeited Dwan’s two pair.

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